This is my [now page](, as inspired by [Derek Sivers]( This page focuses on what I’m currently up to in my life. I update this page on a monthly cadence. I'm living in Coquitlam, BC. [[Now (2023-11)|Click here to see the previous version of this page.]] ## Coach I'm a certified coach through The Life Coach School. I help introverts thrive and succeed in a world that puts the spotlight on extroverts by helping them build the systems, practices, and mindset to increase their productivity and achieve their goals. [![[LCS certified coach.png|200x200]]]( If you'd like to see some of the topics I coach on, here are some of the places I share free content: - [Facebook]( - [Instagram]( - [LinkedIn]( - [Newsletter]( - [Twitter/X]( If you're interested in learning more, [click here]( to schedule a free consult call where we can look at what you want help with. If it's something I can honestly help with, we can chat about what that would look like. Otherwise, I can try to point you toward some resources to get you moving in the right direction. ## Email Newsletter [Click here to subscribe to my newsletter.]( ## Senior Software Developer – Clio I am a Senior Software Developer on the Asia-Pacific Team at [Clio]( ## President – Strata Council I am the President on my building's strata council. ## Badminton I play badminton at local community and badminton centres. ## Running I'm starting to get back into running more regularly. The majority of my training I'm following the [MAF Method]( I might try to get back into half-marathons in 2024. ## Current consumption - Books (_I read using an [Amazon Kindle]( is not an affiliate link_) - [[📚 99 Bottles of OOP]] - [[📚 Digital Minimalism]] - [[📚 How to Be Yourself]] - [[📚 Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain]] - Newsletters (_I read using [Readwise]( is a referral link that gets you 2 free months of premium; I get nothing in exchange_) - [Forte Labs newsletter]( - [Level up]( - [LYT Notes]( - [Obsidian Roundup]( - [Ruby Weekly]( - [Software Lead Weekly]( - [Sunday Brain Food]( - [The Beautiful Mess]( - Podcasts (_I listen using [Snipd]( is a referral link that gets you 1 free month of premium; I get nothing in exchange_) - [Coaching for Leaders]( - [Deep Questions]( - [Hidden Brain]( - [Huberman Lab]( - [Make Money as a Life Coach Podcast]( - [The Knowledge Project]( - [The Life Coach School Podcast]( - [The Rework Podcast]( - [The Tim Ferriss Show]( - [Unf\*ck Your Brain]( - [Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel]( - Visual media - [[🎬 Beef]] - [[🎬 Journey to the Shore (피터팬의 꿈)]] - [[🎬 Physical 100]] - [[🎬 Squid Game - The Challenge]] - [[🎬 Sweet Home (스위트홈)]] - [[🎬 The Crown]] - [[🎬 The Witcher]]