This is my [now page](, as inspired by [Derek Sivers]( This page focuses on what I’m currently up to in my life. I try to update this page on a monthly cadence. ## Coach I’m a certified coach through The Life Coach School. I help introverted software developers to get promoted by getting their work recognized, escaping the grip of perfectionism, gaining alignment with their boss, increasing performance, leading in their own way, and dealing with feelings of overwhelm and self-judgement. If you’d like to see some of the topics I coach on, here are some of the places I share free content: - [LinkedIn]( - [Facebook]( - [Instagram]( - [Twitter]( - [Articles on my website]( - [My newsletter]( If you’re interested in learning more, [click here]( to schedule a 15-minute call where we can look at what you want help with. If it's something I can honestly help with, we can decide whether to set up another time to chat more about what that would look like. Otherwise, I can try to point you toward some resources to get you moving in the right direction. [![[LCS certified coach.png|200x200]]]( ## Senior Software Developer – Clio I am a Senior Software Developer on the Asia-Pacific Team at [Clio]( ## President – Strata Council I am the President on my building's strata council. ## Email Newsletter [Click here to subscribe to my newsletter.]( ## Badminton I play badminton at local community centres. ## Current consumption - Books - _[Extreme Ownership]( by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin - _[Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection]( by Deb Dana - _[Staff Engineer]( by Will Larson - _[When the Body Says No]( by Gabor Maté - _[The Tools]( by Phil Stutz and Barry Michels - _[Domain-Driven Design]( by Eric Evans - _[Impact Players]( by Liz Wiseman - _[Comfort Crisis]( by Michael Easter - _Sh*t You Don’t Learn In College_ by Zander Fryer - Newsletters - [David Perell’s newsletter]( - [Forte Labs newsletter]( - [Level up]( - [LYT Notes]( - [Obsidian Roundup]( - [Ruby Weekly]( - [Software Lead Weekly]( - [Sunday Brain Food]( - [The Beautiful Mess]( - Podcasts - [The Knowledge Project]( - [The Life Coach School Podcast]( - [The Tim Ferriss Show]( - [Unf*ck Your Brain]( - [Coaching for Leaders]( - [Hidden Brain]( - [Huberman Lab]( - [Make Money as a Life Coach Podcast]( - [Marketing Tips with Meliss]( - [Marketing with Brendon Burchard]( - [Motivation with Brendon Burchard]( - [The Rework Podcast](