The Model is a [[mindset]] tool to increase self-awareness taught by [[Brooke Castillo]] and [The Life Coach School]( The Model looks at 5 components of our experience and how they relate to one another:[^SelfCoaching101] - Circumstances are things that happen in the world that are out of our control. They trigger the thoughts we have. - Thoughts are the sentences that appear in our minds. They cause the feelings we experience. - Feelings are vibrations we experience in our bodies. They drive the actions we take. - Actions are the way we behave--the things we do or do not do. They produce our results. - Results are the changes we create in the world. They reinforce the thoughts that produced them. ```mermaid graph TD Circumstances --trigger--> Thoughts Thoughts --cause--> Feelings Feelings --drive--> Actions Actions --produce--> Results Results --reinforce--> Thoughts ``` [^SelfCoaching101]: [[📚 Self-Coaching 101]]