> [!TIP] This is a list of examples of coachable topics. > Coaching can cover much more than what is on this list. This list is for people who are curious about things discussed in coaching sessions or are wanting ideas for what to bring up in one of their coaching sessions. - I run out of time every morning because I slam on my alarm... multiple times. - I want to learn how to navigate conflict with others. - I want to improve my relationship with someone. - I need help tapping into my creative potential. - I don't find my job meaningful or purposeful. - I spend too much time overthinking things. - I spent too much time checking my phone. - I'm not motivated to work on my business. - I need help building an online community. - I want to prioritize all the things in my life. - I'm not motivated to do well in my career. - I don't want to feel anxious all the time. - My fitness isn't where I want it to be. - I want to build a gratitude habit. - I want to trust my friend more. - I wish I were more productive. - I need more self-compassion. - I wish we collaborated better. - I wish I were more confident. - I need to organize my files. - I want to switch careers. - I'm angry at my partner. - I want to get promoted. - I want healthy habits. - I feel overwhelmed. - I need rest.