#area ## Does an ever-growing pile of work leave you feeling constantly stuck and overwhelmed? Information is widely available. Many of us have access to the internet wherever we go. Our feeds are flooded with successful people leading extraordinary lives and accomplishing things we wish we could be doing. We live in an abundant world... …but do you feel like you never have enough? - Not enough brain power to remember everything you’ve learned. - Not enough knowledge or creativity to bring your ideas to life. - Not enough experience or personality to succeed. - Not enough time to get everything done. But that isn't to say you haven't tried. - You’ve read stacks of books. - You’ve completed many courses. - You’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts. - You’ve scoured through YouTube and Reddit. - You’ve tried various time management tips, tricks, frameworks, and systems. Yet, despite your efforts, you're not seeing the success or payoffs you hoped for. Sound familiar? ## I can help you build the system and mindset to increase your productivity and achieve your goals. I believe you're already ready to start making your dreams a reality. - You’re willing to try new things. - You’re committed to your growth. - You feel ready for something different. - You’re open to receiving help along the way. - You know so many things that are just waiting to be put to use. When you work with me, you will start working towards your goals immediately, using the systems, tools, and frameworks you already have in place. This allows you to see where these things already serve you well and identify opportunities to help you better. I will help you use your knowledge, experience, and creativity to iterate on your systems, tools, and frameworks as you progress toward your goals. ## What does private coaching look like? Private coaching with Tyler is a 12-week program where you will learn how to achieve your goals with the confidence and tools that can serve you whenever. During our time together, you will learn how to: - Create the habits that generate your success. - Feel confident in your ability to get shit done. - Manage your work, knowledge, and energy. - Overcome your perfectionism. - Leverage your creativity. - Stop procrastinating. This program includes: - Twelve private 1-hour coaching calls. - Support between calls via Voxer or email. - Depending on your personal preferences, you have the option to supplement with additional structures such as regular check-ins or homework assignments. [![[LCS certified coach.png|200x200]]](http://www.thelifecoachschool.com) ## How much does it cost? Private coaching costs $1200 USD if paid in full. If you'd like to pay using instalments, three payments of $450 USD can be made. The first of these payments is due upon signing up for coaching, and the following two payments are due before the 4th and 8th weeks of the program. No refunds will be provided. ## Do you want to learn more first? If you'd like to learn more about private coaching before signing up, [please book a personal consultation with Tyler](https://calendly.com/tsn-coaching/consult). ## Are you ready to sign up right now? If you're all in and ready to sign up for private coaching, that's fantastic! [Please apply here to work with Tyler](https://forms.gle/Jf7e2TBJAEr6AZPA8), and Tyler will e-mail you soon! ## Is private coaching not the option for you right now? I’d still love to support you in other ways! Here are some other options that may work better for you: - [Tyler's newsletter](https://newsletter.tylersuzukinelson.com) - [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/tylersuzukinelson) - [Facebook](https://www.facebook.com/tylersuzukinelsoncoaching) - [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/tylersuzukinelson)